Why Get Rid of Your Jewelry?

Few people dislike the brilliance that jewelry adds to your appearance. No matter where the day or night takes you, jewelry makes you set off a great impression and draws all eyes your way.  You can get a great look when you wear a watch, a necklace, earrings, or one of the other many different pieces of jewelry. Most people pick more than one piece to wear to highlight their look.

It is easy to style yourself the right way when you accessorize with jewelry. It works wonderfully to help you stand out, whether you’re going out to the club, headed in to the office, or ready for a romantic adventure. But sometimes, getting rid of jewelry is something that you’ll find yourself wanting to do. There are tons of reasons why you may want to take this step in your life.

New Jewelry

We may not like to admit it, but there is such thing as having too much jewelry in the jewelry box. If you’ve recently purchased more jewelry and no longer have room for it all, parting with some of the pieces is a must. When there is unwanted jewelry laying around, decide what stays and what goes.


Even pieces that hold sentimental value may no longer be worth holding onto if they are damaged beyond repair. It is hard to think about parting with the items but sometimes that option is the best. Many different types of jewelry repair are available, but sometimes this does not cure the problem. Maybe it is best to throw it away if it is damaged.

unwanted jewelry laying aroundsentimental value

Sentimental Value

And sometimes, it is the sentimental value that the jewelry holds that cause the need to get rid of it. Did you have a relationship fail and want to get rid of the jewelry your lover gave to you? Wonder what to do with that engagement ring? You shouldn’t hold onto items that make you uneasy or that hammer on your emotions.

Need Money

The need for cash may send you to a pawn shop or otherwise getting rid of the jewelry that you own. If you find yourself short on cash, jewelry can put a nice amount of money in your hands, with the actual value dependent on the pieces that you have. If you need money, get rid of that jewelry to get what you need.

Final Thoughts

Jewelry for men and women accessories the look for any occasion but that doesn’t mean your home should overflow with jewelry or you should suffer if there is a need for cash. When it is time to get rid of your unwanted jewelry, there are many ways to handle the situation. Advertise the jewelry that you want to sell or take it to the pawn shop. Toss out jewelry that is damaged or sell it as scarp gold if you have a large amount. Or, perhaps you can give away the pieces that you don’t want anymore.